3 angels

WQIN 102.9 FM Radio Quincy,  Illinois.

 24 Hour Non-commercial Christian Radio with Christian music, preaching and much more for Quincy Illinois and surrounding areas



  WQIN Radio is a 501C3 - Not For Profit Corporation and funded by listener donations.  WQIN Radio is an affiliate of 3ABN Radio in West Frankfort, Illinois.

WQIN is our call letters for 3 Angels Broadcasting Messenger.  We are a Christian radio station for people of all ages to help heal hurting people.  We also educate men, women, and children to be better citizens here on this earth and to help all be ready when Jesus comes, to live in our heavenly home for eternity.  WQIN is located just on the east side of the Mississippi river in a city of about 48,000 people in Quincy, Illinois.  (Center of United States of America)

Our station is a LPFM or Low Power FM station, putting out a continuous 100 watts -24 hours a day at 102.9 on your FM dial.  Our signal reaches Quincy and many small surrounding towns.  We are privately owned and operated by a group of 6 directors.

Everyone can receive a blessing by listening to WQIN because we have something for everyone.  Cooking Schools, Stop smoking classes, inspirational talks, Bible prophecy explained by letting the Bible explain itself, and traditional Christian Music.  One lady said, I feel so peaceful when I listen to WQIN Radio.  I listen as often as I can.

We also have character building stories to help your children become
good citizens; dependable, trustworthy, punctual, kind, etc.  All can
learn more about the Bible from the Bible Stories which are dramatized by
Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan and many other characters.  Many adults like listening too.

It is our goal to benefit the life, health and well being of every
listener, young and old, by bringing encouragement to stress filled lives.  We want our signal to travel through closed doors and concrete walls into the hearts of sincere and truth seeking people, bringing a message of hope, and mending broken hearts.

We have health seminars by Doctors telling about preventive
medicine.  Dr. Diehl will discuss problems such as obesity, common
colds, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  We have cooking programs to help the listener make the switch to a well-balanced diet.  We encourage healthful lifestyle changes by implementing eight laws of health which are fresh air, clean water, sunshine, exercise, good diet, trust in God, temperance, and sufficient rest.  We believe health problems can be remedied through health education.

Each day we play wonderful Christian music by hundreds of talented musicians.  Some programs of soothing music will take the over-worked listener back to nature by hearing ocean sounds and the birds twittering.  We also have programs to help people manage their money more effectively.  We teach our listeners how to pay off their mortgages faster and to get out of debt.  We bring help and hope to families to know how to deal with marriage and parenting problems.

When you're in the Quincy Illinois area, tune in to 102.9 FM and we are sure you will be blessed!